“Its Crazy”

Words uttered by Coach Kerr, Shaq , Barkley and rest, after the amazing game by Stephen Curry on Monday night, May 9th. When Curry, entered the game after been off for 2 weeks for knee & ankle injury. He played all thru out the game after half time Shaun Livingston was ejected out of the game. Golden State Warriors forced the game into overtime , where Curry made all 17 points, to a major win in overtime to Golden States 3 to 1 win with Trail Blaizers. Portland’s Damiem & CJ & Minhu played their hearts out but once Curry was in the equation all that was under water and really did not matter anymore…

Curry is known to change the game, his animation, way of playing inspiring the fans, team and everyone who ever watched the game of basketball. He sparked a new way to play, yes the game has changed. Game 4 will be in Oakland Arena at Warriors home , last chance for Portland Blazers.

I have to say, him winning the unanimous MVP votes 131 , was history into making, and History repeats itself, he was the MVP last year, 2015, but this year was no contest.


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