Can you spell Seven?

Well, Warriors played game 6 in Oklahoma City , dow 5 points through out the game till last wee minutes of the game, when, they came from behind and and shocked the elite OKC team and spectators/ fans in Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma City.

Though Thunders Superstars , relatively compared in NBA to the Splash Brothers, had a great game, but Warriors outplayed them  in every which way.  This win brings GSW back to Oakland, and for the game 7, last game in the series.  Curry at the 10  second whistle steals the ball, and makes 7 with his hands, waving connotation of 7, in other words, we are forcing game 7, just like they forced Game 6, History is being made while your sleeping….

What blew everyones mind …well How Klay stepped up his game, making the most 3 points, ( 11)  in an NBA payoff game, totaling 41 points..Way to Go the other Splash brother from another mother…




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