Was the Superbowl Rigged ? Ask the Referees?

I am writing a very sad news, 2 weeks after it really happened. You can say I was in heavy denial, it cant be true, we are the best team by far and yet we were just like the Patriots of 2007, to win all 16 games, blemish free -season to loose to Manning and not even the Hall Of Fame Manning but the other Manning, ELI of Giants, who is know for upsetting great teams.

The 49ers had 4 First round players in defense, Armstead, Buckner, Bosas, and Thomas, were playing like Champions , Superbowl Champs that is, then was it the coaching staff? Yet they lost Superbowl 54.

Amazing awesome defense coach, Robert Saleh, was he responsible? The defense gave 30 points to Kansas City Chiefs, after being ahead 10 points by half time. It really looked like they alleviated from running the ball, which was their game plan all year round, plus that 49ers bread and butter, they threw the ball. Gimmy GQ the quarterback was way better at running the ball then throwing deep end zone balls. Not to mention, infamous coach, Shanahan, repeated history by loosing Superbowl 54 by blowing a lead just like when he was in Atlanta as an offensive coach, Superbowl L1( Fifty One)

Or Was it All due to Vegas Betting and NFL being a big part of the gambling nation?

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