Unanimous MVP, 1st Time In The History Of NBA


Warriors have done it again, 2 years  in a row!!  but better yet the most animated, talented and outrageous player in NBA, Stephen Curry, was voted for MVP, 131 Unanimous votes, it has never happened in the history of NBA.  Warriors were up by1 game, when Shaun, after getting ejected, passes the torch back to  Curry who plays over estimated 25 minutes, and sends the team in Overtime and thats where the magic takes place.   

Curry makes Golden States 17 points out of 19 to win the game.  The 5 minute overtime, game proved Warriors were a much better starters and Bench, the Portland Trail Blazers looked exhausted, and again game 5 in Oakland Arena, on May 11, after Curry’s MVP, Inauguration , it was said he would not play good, Portland may Win… well he proved them all wrong, announcers, Barcley, Shaq to even undetermined Paul Allen, Microsoft, Trail Blazer Owner, was gaping,  we initially say him gaping , mouth wide open when Curry took over the Overtime game and won game 4, which Portland was wining, till 1.33 seconds left in Forth Quarter and won in overtime.

Unfortunate for Portland, History repeated itself and Golden state won game 5 sending TrailBlazers home, with Mouth wide open Microsoft Exec. Paul Allen as well, to Ponder.  Warriors and Fans ..well Lots of nice firework, rest and ready to play the winner of OKC or Spurs, OKC, is 1 game ahead..  The second best dual team, Westbrook and KD, a second to Best team,  to the Splash brothers Klay & Steph of the Warriors and 3rd best, well JC & Damien from Portland Trailblazers ….

Spurs play a consistent game while  OKC, high energy, but to Warriors it does not matter, they willl be ready, and so will be Roaracle fans at Oakland Oracle arena and everywhere …


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