Draymond Green, Attacking The Groin Again ?

So today the Warriors can capitalize and win the NBA series, but Lebron used his cunning talent of accusing Draymond of kicking his groin to get him out of the Game 4, afraid of a sweep at Roracle arena.. NBA would do anything to force more games, all the monies  they make , plus all the  bookies at Vegas, its a big business so lets do this, easy accusation for Cavaliers Guard Lebron, and Draymond out…

Warriors can still win it all, since its a home game, if not Game 5 will be at Quicken Loan Arena in Cleaveland, June 16, 2016, and if needed game 7 at Oracle,  Sunday June 19th.  Can you say Repeat!!


We are Here

Warriors beat Thunder in game 7 of Western Conference Playoff Championship….Once Kevin Durrant stepped on Steps Arm during game 6 it was on.. They beat the Thunder and are Western Champs…They played the best team in the league after them, OKC, and beat them after loosing 3 in a row..

Now Cavs and Warriors off to NBA Championship 2016..Who are you taking..Vegas has given Warriors top bids pissing off Lebron as usual, who considers himself as the top player

in the league..Well we will have to wait & see …


Can you spell Seven?

Well, Warriors played game 6 in Oklahoma City , dow 5 points through out the game till last wee minutes of the game, when, they came from behind and and shocked the elite OKC team and spectators/ fans in Chesapeake Arena in Oklahoma City.

Though Thunders Superstars , relatively compared in NBA to the Splash Brothers, had a great game, but Warriors outplayed them  in every which way.  This win brings GSW back to Oakland, and for the game 7, last game in the series.  Curry at the 10  second whistle steals the ball, and makes 7 with his hands, waving connotation of 7, in other words, we are forcing game 7, just like they forced Game 6, History is being made while your sleeping….

What blew everyones mind …well How Klay stepped up his game, making the most 3 points, ( 11)  in an NBA payoff game, totaling 41 points..Way to Go the other Splash brother from another mother…




Intels Free D, technology, showing awesomeness of Curry!!

Well there you have it, Warriors shocked the entire nation again.  Wednesday, May 26th was game 5 of NBA Western Finals, & Curry, told the crowd, we are not going home.  Bogut, played the best game in a long time, the missing piece  in this saga.

While Kevin Durrant & Westbrook, tried to win it all, it was impossible at Warriors ground to hand them a loss, they may have got lucky once in a life time, that was it,  Enjoy it Oklahoma, you cant not beat Oakland at home!!

Warriors forced game 6 Saturday May 29th at OKC, against KD & Westbrook, Warriors have to play the best game of their entire season!!


Are the NBA referees worse than high school??

It has been allegedly implied that during the 1st  game of the Western Championship, in the last  minute of the game, the referee, make a Blatant error , and gave the ball to OKC, which led to Warriors demise…

Russell Westbrook, travel, was so obvious but the referee gave the ball back to him, no foul, enabling the Thunder to win their 1st away game at Roracle arena.   If the foul was called and ball given to Warriors, there would have been a totally different result…

NBA, came out right after the game and apologized for this referees ignorance, but did it help the Warriors…No..Then there is Karma!!!!!


Your thoughts on this…

have The Mighty Fallen, Or A New Record In Making??

Warriors have lost 2 straight games at OKC, this is 1st time ever in Dubs History they have broken another of their contingencies, lost 2 games in a row, all season 73-0, No one in the history of NBA can touch them, and never lost a game at home, that happened, then never lost 2 games in a row and that just happened in the Western Championships loosing to Thunder.

Is there a big picture to this dilemma, are we in surprise for a 3 game loss to wining the Championship?   Only time will tell…. Tune in 2 Warriors & OKC Thursday, May 26th, 2016, on TNT…

Warriors fans, Believe & Achieve..They got  this…

Unanimous MVP, 1st Time In The History Of NBA


Warriors have done it again, 2 years  in a row!!  but better yet the most animated, talented and outrageous player in NBA, Stephen Curry, was voted for MVP, 131 Unanimous votes, it has never happened in the history of NBA.  Warriors were up by1 game, when Shaun, after getting ejected, passes the torch back to  Curry who plays over estimated 25 minutes, and sends the team in Overtime and thats where the magic takes place.   

Curry makes Golden States 17 points out of 19 to win the game.  The 5 minute overtime, game proved Warriors were a much better starters and Bench, the Portland Trail Blazers looked exhausted, and again game 5 in Oakland Arena, on May 11, after Curry’s MVP, Inauguration , it was said he would not play good, Portland may Win… well he proved them all wrong, announcers, Barcley, Shaq to even undetermined Paul Allen, Microsoft, Trail Blazer Owner, was gaping,  we initially say him gaping , mouth wide open when Curry took over the Overtime game and won game 4, which Portland was wining, till 1.33 seconds left in Forth Quarter and won in overtime.

Unfortunate for Portland, History repeated itself and Golden state won game 5 sending TrailBlazers home, with Mouth wide open Microsoft Exec. Paul Allen as well, to Ponder.  Warriors and Fans ..well Lots of nice firework, rest and ready to play the winner of OKC or Spurs, OKC, is 1 game ahead..  The second best dual team, Westbrook and KD, a second to Best team,  to the Splash brothers Klay & Steph of the Warriors and 3rd best, well JC & Damien from Portland Trailblazers ….

Spurs play a consistent game while  OKC, high energy, but to Warriors it does not matter, they willl be ready, and so will be Roaracle fans at Oakland Oracle arena and everywhere …


“Its Crazy”

Words uttered by Coach Kerr, Shaq , Barkley and rest, after the amazing game by Stephen Curry on Monday night, May 9th. When Curry, entered the game after been off for 2 weeks for knee & ankle injury. He played all thru out the game after half time Shaun Livingston was ejected out of the game. Golden State Warriors forced the game into overtime , where Curry made all 17 points, to a major win in overtime to Golden States 3 to 1 win with Trail Blaizers. Portland’s Damiem & CJ & Minhu played their hearts out but once Curry was in the equation all that was under water and really did not matter anymore…

Curry is known to change the game, his animation, way of playing inspiring the fans, team and everyone who ever watched the game of basketball. He sparked a new way to play, yes the game has changed. Game 4 will be in Oakland Arena at Warriors home , last chance for Portland Blazers.

I have to say, him winning the unanimous MVP votes 131 , was history into making, and History repeats itself, he was the MVP last year, 2015, but this year was no contest.


Warriors Next Game

Golden State Warriors have already clinched the Western Conference title a week ago.  They are number one, with Home Field advantage when it comes to Playoffs.  They were the 1st ones to clinch title followed closely by San Antonio Spurs behind 6 games and close third Oklahoma City.  Warriors after their unfortunate loss to Boston, Celtics in the last few seconds by 3 points will be hosting Portland Trailblazers at home, on Sunday April 3rd at 5 pm Pacific time followed by Timber Wolves, again at home, April 5th, then the Spurs, on 7th, then their last 2 games away from Home will be Spurs again on April 10th and Memphis, Wednesday April 13th, making it the last game of regular season, before 1st set of playoffs start.

It is widely anticipated that the Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich  may indirectly be helping the Warriors get their 73 win threshold, to be the only team in NBA to reach that.   He will start resting his players as early as the 2nd meeting  on April 7th at Oracle Arena, giving them an advantage in the playoff. Aquadala, back for the Timber Wolves, while  Festes back couple of games after.

Still the big man,  Andrew Bogut is still questionable after getting an injury to his already sore ribs…..

So Is the record Warriors are  chasing  or the Championship?